I must admit that my Denver fandom can be traced back to a single leather jacket….

When I was in High School the coolest kid in town had this old-school orange & blue leather jacket with the large ‘D’ Broncos logo on it (still my favorite of our logos).

Wanting to fit in, I looked up info on the team and tuned-in to the few games that were televised in our area. That’s where I saw a young QB with a knack for comebacks. Having always been a fan of the underdog, I quickly fell in love with this wild west team and it’s hotshot gunslinger of a quarterback. I liked watching even when they lost (which was often back then). With John Elway behind center, you ended up watching every game to the very last second because you just never knew what he might do to pull out that losing game.

And so, I’ve been obsessed with the Broncos since the eighties, and have watched them both win and lose Super Bowls. I’ve watched us change coaches and players. I’ve seen the greatest QB in football history come and go, and I continue to believe that the Denver Broncos (including their players, coaches, staff and owner) are the greatest pro-sports team in the world.

…and all because of a leather jacket — score one point for the marketing team. :)

Go Denver!

Jonathan Douglas

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